What is Urban Rixhlife Trading Group??

Urban Genius LLC. is a web-based Educational group for individuals to help them manage their finances. Urban Genius LLC. has been perfecting our craft in the foreign exchange market for the past 5 years and have been able to educate hundreds of individuals just like yourself. It is a 97% digital group, meaning it operates through the internet anywhere in the world. To get you started, Urban Genius LLC. offers an automated trading program, so that while you are learning, your profits are steadily growing along side with no additional work. If you are looking for financial empowerment, we can definitely help! 


About the Owner

Born Jonathon C. Lewis. I am 28 years old and I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I am just an ordinary guy with an extra-ordinary level of ambition which started at an early age.

Born to a mother of four, I was second oldest to my big brother. Later, joined by two younger siblings. My mother was from a well respected business oriented family, but during the 1980's-1990's Atlanta was being over taken by drug abuse, and unfortunately my mother became a victim. 

The choices my mother made put us in some seriously troubling situations growing up I turned to the streets and begin accumulating a criminal record and receiving jail time, and my oldest brother followed my foot steps, as well as my youngest brother too. 

As I spent my beginning adult years away paying for my crimes with my time and freedom, my uncle, begin to enlighten me on other ways to achieve my financial goals without breaking the law. While incarcerated he began to send me books like "Rich dad, Poor dad", "The power of money", "The art of the deal" and many more financial books that peaked my interest, this was in early 2008

Once I regained my freedom I attempted to pursue a college education, that was a fail as well, I still needed money to take care of myself and school did not pay. So as drugs continued to play a role in survival. Soon I dropped out of college, but only after meeting my wife as of today, who was blessed to further her education to her masters degree. 

In 2014 we packed our things up I landed a job at Capital One Bank in Dallas, Texas and she began working for the Dallas Independent School System.  After about 8 months of Capital One, I again needed more, pay was not increasing and I wanted more out of life so later that year, in 2014 I began searching the internet and I came across the Foreign Exchange Market. 

Now here in 2018 I am 28 and "UN-EMPLOYABLE"

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Collected: $1,500.00
Goal: $10,000.00
Once Rixhlife Trading Group as a whole club of members donate $10,000. Urban Rixhlife CEO "The Urban Genius" will then host a raffle drawing and award one member of The Rixhlife Trading Group with a "Full business plan consultation as well as fund the state filing fees and assistance in establishing a business credit profile. This winner will be awarded everything required to be ready to make their first Legal business sale within the United States. As well as an all expenses paid vacation for 2.
"Urban Genius LLC" is an LLC formed in Albany, Ga 31707
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